Verification of temperature rise

Four rooms are dedicated to temperature rise tests. Tesla Lab facilities are suitable for both components and large switchgear assemblies.


The goal of the test is to check the temperature rise of the live parts, the temperature of the insulating parts and the accessible parts of the switchgears and larger equipment carrying their nominal current. The tests are carried out at low voltage.
• 12,000 A AC three phase.
• 6,000 A AC three phase and DC.
• 3,000 A AC three phase.
• 1,250 A AC three phase.
• Two sources 1,000 A AC single phase, variable frequency.
For the duration of the test, the data is displayed on a tablet enabling clients to easily follow the temperature evolution in real time.


Temperature rise tests are carried out in four large and flexible rooms by skilled personnel.
Customers can follow the records remotely.

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