Overload and endurance tests

The goal of the tests is to check the capacity of switchgears to achieve a high number of operations in abnormal conditions (overload up to 10 times the nominal current) and normal conditions (nominal current).


Three facilities offer very flexible adjustment possibilities:
• each of the three independent testing stations is supplied by a transformer of 8.4 MVA,
• the transformers can be adjusted on output voltages from 120 to 1,100 V,
• DC voltages range from 250 to 1,575 V,
• endurance test up to 5,000 A,
• overload tests up to 10,000 A,
• short-circuit capacity of each transformer: 50 kA,
• loads banks for current and power factor or time constant for accurate adjustments.


Convenient facilities make calibration of overload and endurance tests quick and safe.

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