Supplementary tests

Several supplementary tests can be carried out in order to fulfill standards requirements. We check equipment performance in terms of safety, resistance to harsh environments, fireproofing, etc.


• endurance without current with various operation means: rotary, toggle, motor drive, coils,
• dielectric tests:
- 50 or 60 Hz up to 12 kV,
- Impulse test 1.2 μs / 50 μs up to 20 kV,
• protection against water tests for enclosures: IPx1 to IPx6 and 4, 4X type (240 l / min flow),
• protection against dust tests IP5x and IP6x,
• protection against access to hazardous parts and against solid foreign objects IP1x to IP4x,
• lifting test,
• secureness and pull-out tests of cable connections,
• glow wire test, pressure ball test,
• environmental tests: Vibration, climatic chambers, etc.


Supplementary tests are necessary to complete a full compliance with standards such as IP testing, mechanical movements analysis, dielectric tests, etc.

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